About the YP Reach Program

This is a program established by Young Professionals to help engage our region’s talented young professionals and develop them into our next generation of economic, social and civic leaders. The objective is to create connections between YP members and established leaders that will provide them with expertise and insight needed to grow successfully in their career while helping develop and achieve personal goals.

Why should I be a mentee?

You will engage with local leaders to:

  • Gain professional guidance

  • Receive career coaching

  • Expand your network

  • Expose yourself to new ideas

  • Refine and utilize your leadership and communication skills

  • Develop personal relationship with your mentor and fellow YP mentees

Who is this for?

Active YP members

Group Structure

YP Reach is structured as a group mentorship program where each group consists of 6-8 like-minded professionals plus an established community leader as the mentor.

How long does the program last?

The mentorship program is a 8-month commitment, and each group will meet a minimum of 6 times.