YP Reach Testimonials

The Reach program has been in existence since 2014, and we'd like you to hear from participants about what they value most from their time in a mentorship group.


Laticia Osborne

I joined Young Professionals in 2016, and even over a decade into my career I found that YP not only increased my professional relationships, but also helped me to become a more effective leader. YP Reach provided the opportunity for members to share and learn from each other’s professional struggles and successes. Young Professionals provides a great opportunity to network with others in a similar age group, and to have meaningful interactions that help shape you as a current professional and a future leader.


Tamika McKenzie

YP Reach is a great program. Our group sessions were very interactive and our mentor, Marquette McKnight, provided an environment where we felt safe to be ourselves.

Ashley Lee

The Young Professionals is a great resource for networking with peers as well as mentors and leaders in the Columbus community. In my time in YP, I have attended thought-provoking discussions about developments in Columbus as well as workshops on leadership and personal growth. My favorite part of YP thus far has been the YP Reach Mentorship Program, through which I had the pleasure of meeting Marquette McKnight and fellow mentees pursuing exciting careers. The informative and candid discussions we had about successes and challenges in our careers made me reflect on my own goals and ultimately work to be a better employee. YP events are also excellent ways to become better-connected with the city and discover more about the growth that is transforming the region. They help me personally and professionally to be a more engaged citizen and give me an opportunity to meet people beyond my field.

Damian Waller

Throughout my first year of membership I discovered that YP is so much more than networking opportunities and committee meetings. … There are several additional programs are offered to members who want more than networking opportunities and community engagement. Fortunately, I was selected to participate in the YP Reach program where I was mentored by one of the community’s most respected leaders. By participating in this program, I not only sharpened my professional skills, but I also learned the value of being the best person I can outside of the workplace and the importance of identifying a board of directors in my personal life.